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Mzuri~ A life with George & Jinx Rodger

"We drove, surrendering our car and ourselves to one of the most punishing trips on earth" Jinx Rodger

When we picked up this Poor Old Station Wagon, little did we know what an incredible vast history she had! Upon research we found that Mzuri, Vac 433, belonged initially to George and Jinx Rodger. George was a famous photographer, who way back when founded MagnumPhotos.

The story of the first Documented trip they took in 1957 to the Sahara is better read through the link below. You can also find The full written Story Called " Sand in your Eyes " in The National Geographic, a pdf photo copy attached below

IMG_20160727_0001 copy
Download PDF • 50.56MB

Photo from Magnum Photos

Once we knew the story, we did some online research into the Rodger Family. We learnt that George had passed but was survived by Jinx who was in her nineties at the time. We made contact with the Rodger Family, we thought it pretty important to let Jinx know that Mzuri was still around, after all our cars become like family. They couldn't believe it!

See below the link for a story that Magnum put up about Mzuri.

#LandRoverownerInternational was keen to do a story on us and Mzuri. We were pretty excited as our business was building some momentum and the thought of being able to give people an idea of who we are and what we do through one of the biggest Land Rover magazines was a crazy feeling.

Two Amazing Guys, a Writer and Photograher came and stayed for a few days and interviewed us and set up this epic photo shoot with Mzuri!

See below the link to the article

Photo taken by Anthony Geernaert

A Journey of another kind......

“Mzuri was like family” Jinx Rodger

We were due to go see Dave's family in the UK and one of the priorities for us was to meet up with Jinx. Dave has taken many photos of Mzuri but there was one particular photo that Dave put up on his Instagram that John Rodger, George & Jinx's son, commented on.

We framed up an enlarged copy of it and when we touched down in London, made the exciting Journey to go see Jinx.

What an amazing meet up. We gifted her the photo and she was so overjoyed to see Mzuri again. Jinx just loved the setting and commented that it would have been a great journey to take in Mzuri....To travel the wilds of Australia.

We walked to her local Pub for a lovely Lunch. Jinx well into her nineties walked and chatted the whole way, telling stories of Mzuri and the adventures they had in her. There we asked Jinx if she would be kind enough to sign the seat flap that was on her passenger side, we brought all the way from Australia.

Again we are so lucky to be able to rescue these amazing cars and become their new custodian. They hold such amazing stories & memories, normally becoming so much more than a car to get you from A to B........but a home, a friend .........Family.

Photo of Jinx Rodger - George Rodger.




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