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Our Series 1 NRMA

The NSW branch of the National Roads Association (NRA) was born in February 1920 and in 1923 became the National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA).

When your pick becomes a little more exciting than you originally thought!

We were on a pick in Tamworth, address in the GPS, we arrived at the gate. The first thing we could see was a large number of old series Land Rovers under a big old tree.

I looked at Dave and said 'Oh you beauty, look at that!'

The owner took us over to the cars and we worked out a deal. Everyone was happy, we were ecstatic, we had no idea he had so many cars he wanted to sell.

He went on to tell us that he was into tractors & that he had a pretty special series 1 in his shed, that he used to collect the firewood. He asked if we would be interested in taking a look? "absolutely!" we said.

His Tractors were amazing, one in particular was an Old Grey Massey Ferguson, restored and taken to the Grey Fergie Tractor Muster at Bendemeer & Land Rover Gathering NSW, which is held every 3 years. Also in the shed was this stunning little series 1 with Patina like nothing else we have ever seen. It was so exciting, I just had to know more.

He went on to tell us that it was Bendemeer's local NRMA car, stationed at the little local BP service station. He now uses it to collect firewood on his property. We noticed the inside of the car had been freshly painted and he went on to tell us that he was going to paint the exterior back to original!!!

Dave quickly jumped in and explained the importance of keeping this cars history and why. After some lengthy conversations we went inside to have a cup of tea and we made an offer on the car, nope the car had to much sentimental value and he didn't want to sell it.

We had to make a couple of trips to pick up the other cars, and on our final voyage there, we arrived to see the NRMA parked up at the bottom gate....... I looked at Dave and said" this looks a bit promissing"!! and sure enough he had parked it down there for us to take for a drive, " if your still interested in buying, take it for a drive".

The NRMA only had second gear but we were in love with the little Landy. It was a no brainer it was coming home with us.

The NRMA now sits proudly in our personal collection, Dave has done quite a bit of work on her. A real time piece, a step back in time and history, a car that holds many memories for many motorists in their time of need I'm sure.




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