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Who are We ?

Land Rover Heaven is a small family run business. We have always been passionate about Land Rovers and have been involved with these iconic vehicles for most of our lives. We established Land Rover Heaven in 2015    after it had been a long running hobby. 


Besides looking for Land Rovers for our own personal collection we also buy Land Rovers that have been long forgotten about or ready for a new home. We will get them running (if possible) and perform basic maintenance on these cars to get them ready for other passionate Land Rover enthusiasts looking to add to their own collection or a new project.

Land Rovers all seem to age differently and develop their own unique character over time. Here at Land Rover Heaven we don't wish to simply buy Land Rovers, we want to bring their stories and history with them as well. So whether you are wanting to do a concours restoration or a patina restoration, Land Rover Heaven will have a a unique vehicle for you to take to the next stage of its life.

Due to the nature of our small family run business and always being on the road trying to rescue your next project we do not provide full restoration services.


  • Land Rovers with unique history and looks for your restoration

  • We supply parts for your current or future projects (Currently unable to offer this service due to Covid-19 restrictions)


  • We do not offer full restorations but we may be able to point you in the right direction.

If you are looking at purchasing your next project or needing parts for a current project get in touch with Dave today.

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