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Our Collection

'Collins' Series 1 1949

This is our very first true 1949 car that we stumbled across while out passing through Gunnedah NSW. We spotted from the highway a lot of land rovers parked up under trees, in the bush, under a lean too or 4 !! So we popped in and asked if we could speak to the owner. We were told we could have a look around while Collin was busy, so we did…..and that’s when we found her! After a great deal of conversation and common interest Collin showed us his pride and joy a 1953 and he needed a few parts to finish it. The next time we were up that way we dropped some parts off to him to help him finish his project off, he was most grateful and donated the ‘49 to us for our collection. Collin said he found the car in a riverbed locally and just couldn’t leave it there so the rescue mission to get it back to his place was a priority! We are glad he did as we are so grateful to have this car with us and one day have the time to rebuild her!

'Gladys' Series 1 80"

Gladys is a 1950 80”. She was owned and restored by Peter Richards who owned her for some 15 years. Unfortunately Peter passed away so we decided to purchase Gladys and keep her as part of our collection at Land Rover Heaven. More to come on the story of her and Peter.

'Rusty' The 86" Series 1

'Rusty" has been fitted with a Holden 186 motor and converted to a tray back which is unusual for a short wheelbase. This car iso oozing character. More on this little beauty and the other surprising pick up we made on that day in Stories from the road.

'Sunnys' Series 1

This car came into our collection many many years ago now. Old Boy Sunny (aged 96) after fighting in the war returned home with the pay he had saved up and booked a ticket on the train to Sydney and purchased his Series 1 Land Rover and drove it home to work on the farm in Dubbo! When we arrived to purchase the car, we hadn’t seen it at this point, as Sunny couldn’t take any photos, his son greeted us most apologetically, for his father making us come all this way for a car that was destined to the scrap graveyard! We took one look at the car and told him and Sunny it was just what we were looking for.Sunny turned to his son and said “told you they would want it!"We feel very honoured to have this car in our collection and to be the custodians of such a special Land Rover.

'The Fairview' 1957 Series 1 88"

1957 matching numbers Land Rover. The Fairview. This little beauty was found in a barn just outside Dubbo at Elong Elong where it spent its whole life. This car had been sitting in the shed for some 35 years as the reverse gear had been worn out. The back had been modified for rolling out fencing wire, also fitted with a steel home made truck cab roof and a water bag fitted to the drivers side. Amazing condition and fantastic Patina!

'The FireFly' Series 2 109"

1962 firefly first used in Jindabyne on the Snowy Hydro project. This is an amazing survivor. Very original including the paint. The pump still works with only 16,500 miles on the clock. We take this out for a spin on the weekends!

'The Test Mule' 1970 Series 2a

Wow what a find this car is! Very excited to have this beauty part of our Collection. Spending most of its life being owned by a Land Rover Engineer in the Uk. This Ol girl has travelled the Sahara 11 times covering 2000kms. Being a test Mule for the synchromesh gear box which was to be fitted to the new upcoming S3 model. Also accompanied the Range Rover on its very first test runs through the desert. We have been able to reunite this car with its original owner that resides now in Australia. He and his wife shared stories of the adventures and test drives she went on.We currently have videos of the reunion up on our Blog page.

'VAC 433' - Mzuri 107" Series 1 Station Wagon

VAC-433 "Mzuri" is a Land Rover that has been there and done that. With so much history and character this car is truly one of a kind. Stay tuned for a full write up in our Uniques Stories.

1949 Series 1 80"

Early 1949 Series 1. It is missing its original motor but overall a great find.

1951 80" Barn Find

This 1951 80" matching numbers car was a great Barn Find. It has great Patina and still has its original motor. Left in the shed for many years after the owner broke the bolts on the water pump. Sits proudly up in our racks.

1951 Series 1 80"

Restored 1951 Series 1 Matching numbers car. In great condition. Restored in the 80"s with its original motor which is Running, driving. We picked this car up from Sydney, from a lovely owner. Was in the LROC for many years.

1953 Patina Car

1953 Matching numbers Land Rover. This car has amazing origional Patina. Origional motor still running and driving very well with brakes. Found in a barn in Victoria. One guard was damaged by the big Victorian fires and replaced with an 86” guard. The farmer told us that he lost a 1948 That was sitting outside to the same fire.

1953 Series 1

1953, matching numbers car. Running and driving this one with full PTO with belt pulley and engine governor. Picked this little gem up from Charters Towers!

1954 S1 86" Williams Landy

A very very special car indeed this car is part of the family. Previously owned by my cousin William, who had CF, this was his first car when he turned 16! He loved it so much and worked on it all the time. He converted it to a Holden 202, with the help of his dad and made a homemade roof top, perfect for cruising the North Coast beaches, North Shore and Fraser Island. This has now passed onto our oldest son to be his first restoration project and be used for many more beach adventures!!

1955 86" Barn Find

1955 Matching numbers Land Rover. We picked this car up in 2017 out in south west Queensland. It had been sitting in the farm Barn for many many years. Once picked up and taken back to Land Rover Heaven the car sprang back into life no problem!

1955 Short Wheelbase Station Wagon

Rare find this series 1 SWB Station Wagon, unfortunately missing its engine but a good rust free example. This will be a long term project as we find the parts to complete it.

1957 Series 1 109"

Ex Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme 1957 109" matching numbers car. This Land Rover has been a long term project of Dave's with it being one of the first in the Land Rover Heaven collection.

1957 Series 1 109" Fitted with Original PTO Belt Pulley

This Series 1 109" still has its original rear PTO and has been a part of the Land Rover Heaven Collection for a very long time.

1958 Series 2

One of the first series 2 Land Rovers built, fitted with the origional 2 litre engine, the car has only covered 54,000 miles, as it was used in the Bush Fire Brigade for most of its life down in Bemboka NSW. We stumbled across the car just outside Harden where it had been stored in a shed.

1958 Series 2

This 1958 Series 2, matching numbers, was the 18th Series 2 Diesel Land Rover ever made. It still has the original diesel motor which is extremely rare.

1966 Series 2a Ex Army

Our Ex Army s2a has been with us for about many many years now. Always been registered and on the road. Fitted with Gas, Runs like a dream. This car is used as one of our daily drivers.

1967 Series 2a 109" Ex Army

Ex army series 2a Land Rover it is still in very original condition. Has a great look to it and is running, driving and 100 percent rust free. This is one of my Favourites.

1993 Land Rover Defender

Very Happy to have this gem in our collection. This Defender has a crazy 85,000 origional kilometres on it. Great Landy this one in amazing original condition. will be on heritage plates next year.

2008 Land Rover Defender

This 2008 Land Rover Defender has been our family car since new. It is also the work horse for Land Rover Heaven and is often taken on adventures to find and pick up new additions to the collection.

Daily Drive - Restored 1953

This Matching Numbers 1953 was fully restored back in 1984 by its previous Owner Bob. Bob, Lovingly restored this car and always took it in the Anzac Day March with a Veteran alongside. After Bob passed his wife seen our advert for cars wanted. She contacted us and we went down to have a look at the Land Rover. We fell in love and were touched by her stories of her husband Bob and the cars memories. It was a tear felt moment as we loaded the old boy onto the trailer. We assured her that the Land Rover would have pride and place in our ever growing collection and that we would be honoured to be its new custodians. Since that day its been Dave's daily drive and is often seen on the Anzac Day Marches assisting Veterans on the March.....

Fully Restored 1949 Series 1

This fully restored 1949, matching numbers car, we found in Western Australia and had shipped to Land Rover Heaven in NSW. It still has its original side plate motor and ring pull gearbox. Should be light green with a silver chassis. Would you believe that the original motor was put into a farmers dump yard and buried. When the new owner decided to restore it he went to the extra effort of digging the motor up out of the tip!!!

NRMA Series 1 1951

OUR 1951 NRMA -NRMA stands for National Roads and Motorists Association. This car served in Bendemeer for many years as a roadside assistance car. Note the rubber on the front of the bumper, was used to push small trucks and cars in the snow. We found this car in Tamworth, where it was being used to collect firewood. The owner was about to repaint the outside green, but luckily not before we managed to make an offer he couldn’t refuse. We are very excited to be the custodians of such an amazing car with a great rich history. One of a kind!! Amazing Patina and Matching numbers. !

Pete's 1952 Series 1 restored

We bought this restored matching numbers 1952 off Peter in 2016. Owned by two school teachers in Cooma before Pete got his hands on it, they took the car on an epic journey from Cooma to the Northern Territory and back. Peter then bought the car and restored the car over 3 years and owned it for 35 years before we purchased it in 2016. We have photos that shows Peter some 30 years ago just after he had restored the car and had it at a show and a photo of him on the day we loaded up the car and him saying goodbye to it. We are Very excited and happy to have this car in our collection, and be the new custodians.

SWB County

Short wheel base County Station Wagon very rare here in Australia, personal import only. This one was imported some years ago from the UK. Fitted with a 2 1/4 diesel motor in very good shape for its age. We picked this up from Western Australia.

Series 1 1948

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SERIES 1 1948 This car is in amazingly rust free condition. A working progress for us as we get time to fit the correct tub, guards, doors and motor. Currently fitted with a 1950 running motor.

Series 1 1948 with Side plate Motor

1948 barn find. This car has all matching numbers, with side plate motor. Still running and driving which is amazing considering its body condition. We are not sure what the overhead rack was for.

Series 1 1949

1949, Found in fantastic shape matching numbers still running and driving, very rust free. Still has its original side plate motor.

Series 1 1949 80"

Great pick up this one, locally at Braidwood. It's a late 1949. As you can see from the photo, its a fish plate chasis.

Series 1 1949 80"

This 1949is a matching numbers car and has been partially restored to a high standard. We picked this car up in Tenterfield. Hoping to drop a new body onto this one.

Series 1 1949 Barn Find

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Late 1949/Early 1950 Matching numbers Land Rover. This great little car was bought by father and son some 40 odd years ago. Brian now in his 70’s, with his father passed, has decided to let it go. There were all intentions of making this a restoration project together but they only got as far as pulling the gearbox out, reconditioning it and putting it back in and giving it a quick paint job!As the story goes Brian then in his mid 30’s decided to take her out for a test drive unregistered with his son, they got pulled over by the cops and given a warning and sent home. He then parked it in the shed and that's where it stayed for the next 30 odd years! Wombats and all have made a home under this car!!

Series 1 1950

1951 matching numbers Land Rover series 1 80”. Found in a barn at Dubbo NSW, where it had been sitting for some 15 years. All original and running. Did cost us one or two wasp stings !!! Amazing Patina on this car, one of our favourites.

Series 1 1950

1950, Matching Numbers Land Rover. We Bought this car a few years ago from Brisbane! In fact we picked this one the same time we picked our Late 1949 Patina Tin Can Bay Car. The car was left to the son who had no interest in it at all, so he gave us a call! This car is all original matching numbers and fitted with its rear PTO and Belt pulley.He has entrusted us as the new custodians of this Great car which was once his Dad's pride and joy.

Series 1 1950 80"

Picked up this fantastic 1950 from Singleton. Rust free, running and driving! what a beauty. Looks good in our racks !

Series 1 1950 80"

1950 80inch matching numbers Land Rover. This one had a full restoration about 20 years ago. Originally owned by two fencers in Queensland called Curly and Bluey, they used the car for many years on their fencing contracts. This car is matching numbers and has had a full restoration.

Series 1 1950 80"

1950 Series 1 this Land Rover has a 2 and a quarter motor and was found in great condition.

Series 1 1950 Running Barn Find

1950 Matching Numbers Land Rover. Great little pick this one, found in a barn on the NSW coast, surprisingly little rust, and amazingly we drove this one out of the shed and onto the truck..... even the lights still worked! Sits proudly in our racks as part of Land Rover Heavens collection!

Series 1 1951 80"

Series 1 80" matching numbers. Picked up from South Australia Rob had owned this car since 1978 and has looked after it extremely well, not one spot of rust ! A great addition to our collection.

Series 1 1951 80" Restored

Bought this little guy from New castle. Originally from Gunnedah, owned by one family its whole life. Had been stored in the families farm shed for many years before Restoration. A matching numbers car!

Series 1 1953 80"

This little 1953 80” Matching numbers car. Came from an enthusiast in Tamworth. We bought this car plus a few more and lots of parts. there was alot there including some other abandoned restoration projects! Classic Patina this one! Great addition to our Collection

Series 1 1953 80" - Donated

This Matching numbers 1953 80" was donated by David Forster to be a part of the Land Rover Heaven Collection. This car still has its original motor and has no rust. I was also gifted a beautiful piece of Jade tree. I potted the Jade up and have it by our front door, its grown amazing and is quite huge and very healthy!

Series 1 Late 1949

Matching Number Late 1949. I just love this car. It is one of my favourites. A great pick we made in Tin Can Bay, QLD. The ladies husband had the Land Rover for many many years. All the children had learnt to drive in it, so many precious memories. But when she heard about Land Rover Heaven and what we do, she thought that this was the best place for this great little Landy. It sits proudly in our shed, an important vehicle in our collection, another great car that we are custodians of.

Series 1 Late 1949 Restored

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Late 1949 Matching Numbers Landy. This Car was Restored by Ian Goodall and has been previously owned by Fred House, H. Elphick & Sons and A.R. Trenery.

Series 1, 1950 80"

Crazy pick up this one! All the way to Alice Springs. The Owner actually donated this great little Land Rover to our collection. The car had been in the family for some time and he and his brother used to use it on the property. He actually showed us the dent made by an angry bull that chased them to the point that they had to jump into the car to reach safety!

Series 1, 1951 extended 80" trayback

This 1951 series 1 80” has had a chassis extension to convert it into a lwb tray back. Fitted with a Holden 186 motor and a home made roof. A real one of a kind, couldn’t resist this one !The plan is to get this little guy back up and running as a conversation piece on the farm.

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